I am excited to announce Good to the Bone’s summer classes! Basic Obedience & Good Manners as well as Puppy Kindergarten have now been expanded to a seven-week course! The course will now include an orientation, which is just for the humans so we can go over lots of information without the distraction of the pups being there. We will also be having our first round of Tricks for Treats, as well as Reliable Recall. Please see the class schedule below, and be sure to let me know right away if you are interested in signing up for class in Astoria.

Tricks for Treats!
Want to teach to impress your friends and neighbors with your dog’s cool tricks? Teaching your dog tricks is also a great relationship-building activity! This two-week workshop will cover roll over, sit pretty, stick ’em up, jump, and more!

Mondays in Astoria:
Classes start Monday, 9/12 at 8:15pm at The Jumping Bulldog.

Reliable Recall
Are you tired of your dog only coming when called when he has nothing better is going on? In this four week class, you’ll learn how to train a reliable recall, so that when your dog hears his name, he’ll drop everything and come running to you! Whether your goal is to take your dog to off-leash hours in public parks, or get his attention when he’s playing with his buddies at the dog park, this class will help.

Mondays in Astoria:
Classes start Monday, 9/12 at 7:00pm at The Jumping Bulldog.

Puppy Kindergarten
Want to learn how to communicate with your new canine friend and have tons of fun in the process?
Our classes focus on teaching bite-inhibition (gentle jaws), socialization, household manners and obedience (sit, down, come, and more!) You will learn how to housetrain your pup, as well as how to prevent and troubleshoot common behavior problems, such as barking, nipping, and chewing. Classes also include puppy playtime, where your pup will learn vital socialization skills, which can prevent fear-based aggression as your puppy matures. All puppies 8 weeks to 6 months are welcome.

Mondays in Astoria:
Classes start Monday, 7/11 at 8:15pm at The Jumping Bulldog.

Basic Obedience & Good Manners
This class is designed to help you better understand your dog, enhance communication, and teach your dog to make good choices. With an emphasis on impulse control, you will learn how to apply essential obedience commands, including sit, stay, come, leave-it, and loose-leash walking to your daily life. Whether this is your first attempt at training your dog, or you are building on the skills learned in previous training endeavors (including Puppy Kindergarten), you and your dog will benefit from this life-changing class – all while having a blast! Dogs 6 months or older are welcome.

Mondays in Astoria:
Classes start Monday, 7/11 at 7pm at The Jumping Bulldog.

Email me to reserve your spot in class!

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