Yesterday broke the camel’s back!

We all know just how dangerous an ill fitting harness can be for our beloved pets. They can cause irritation and even injury, if not fitted properly. The worst that can happen is that the dog slithers out of its harness, runs off and gets run over…which is exactly what almost happened yesterday.

Customers came in with two 10lb dogs, both of whom were wearing restraining gear that was too large for their dainty bodies. One dog’s harness was so large that it actually fit Oskar, my 24lb French Bulldog, we tried it!

Long story short, one dog got out of its harness and ran off. The parents and I were lucky enough to catch the kid before it skipped off the curb, jumping into oncoming traffic.

This harness was purchased locally, and the dog did not receive proper fitting! I beg of you; if you buy a harness for your pet, please make sure that the restraining gear is properly fitted to suit the dimensions of your pet. It is THE STAFF’s responsibility to assist you. If a pet business staffer does not seem secure in what they are doing –run, or your dog will…

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