Nina Brown is a 6 month old Blue Nose pit, currently weighing in at a healthy 20lbs. She does not yet have her last booster shot.

Nina is a very sweet and playful little puppy, and she is extremely well socialized and playful. She can already sit, give paw, and lie down on command. Nina’s favorite things are to play and catch bugs, pouncing and looking out the window.

Nina adores babies and lives with another, older dog.

Side note- the current owner let’s her pee on a pee-pad and doesn’t take her outside, so this dog needs some care with social skills.

Won’t you please help us to find her a new, loving home?! While Nina does come from a good environment (free of abuse!!), she is looking for a family that want’s to be with her.

KINDLY spread the word, and if anyone is interested, please inquire @ |718| 274.2510, or jumpingbulldog@ymail.com.

THANK YOU FOR PASSING THIS ON!!!!Blue Nose Baby Pit Needs Home!

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